Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rawang Graffiti Job by The Shaggy

Thanx for support Freedom' World Dance School. They r da newager of streetdancer in Malaysia. Da founder of da dance school was one of da guy who join Astro Battleground 2009 n doing sum good job. They r new, but they hav da heart!~ peace

Sunday Evening

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shaggy was writing Echo Park again!

Something i might to say b4 i tellin anythin'............Thanks alot, Bone! n Echo Park.
Da 1st piece The Shaggy doing wif his brotha, Naz from Wakaka Crew. Yeah, Shaggy is one of da Wakaka also ofcourse, the family dat I nv meet b4, aint fight, aint jealous, aint arrogant. We spread love, believe, and unity! Yo, talk bout dis graffiti, indoor bombin alwiz like dis, tension, damn!! anyway, goodjob we did here rite? Peace!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Here come the streets!!

Yo, wanna earn some respect? U gotta spend some respect!!! i mean on da street.
Did u Respect urself? Do u really Love the culture dat u step it in? Did u spendin' all yo soul to save ur culture into Peace? u know wat, do u still boycott some crews outta street thr but u still think u r Unity?
Yo, take out yo fuckin' braveness n show me u Love ur family, ur team, ur mates, the decks, the mic, the wall, even the god damn floor!! Show me wat is Unity, the crew power! be 1 in da crew n be unite for the hiphop culture!
I know u got skills, i know u got balls, i know u juz bought some fuckin nice t-shirt, but shut the hell up, u still nothing!! Spread the love, make it peace! respect wat u love, protect wat u love! n remember, HAVIN' FUN!!!